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Zoostorm 4-6402 review

Look past the bland styling then you'll see a great PC

The visual appeal of the Zoostorm isn't helped by its 19-inch AOC monitor

Our Verdict

Delivers a lot more than you'd expect for the money


  • Excellent list of features


  • Looks totally uninspiring

There are many different tricks that manufacturers can employ to make their tower systems stand out, but PC Next Day hasn't employed any of them. Frankly, the Zoostorm 4-6402 is a very ordinary looking PC. The bundled 2.1 speaker set doesn't impress, either. It's competent, and at least won't clutter your living room with cables, but don't expect it to reproduce the full surround-sound glory of a DVD soundtrack.

The visual appeal of the Zoostorm isn't helped by its 19-inch AOC monitor, which isn't exactly stylish, either. Turn the system on and things look up, though, with high contrast and a decent 8ms response time delivering crisp images, even on fast-moving games. There are a couple of built-in speakers, too, if you don't want to bother with the 2.1 set. This all goes to show that there's more to a PC than looks.

The Zoostorm comes with some unusually good extras, in particular the HP F380 printer, scanner and copier. This isn't the best quality product of its kind, but it's great for family use and worth at least £40. There's also a 54g wireless network adaptor, which is a big plus point if one member of the family has a wireless-enabled laptop. This enables you to set up an ad-hoc network in seconds.

Don't think these extras mean the specification is lacking elsewhere - exactly the opposite is true. This system has a fast Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB of 667MHz RAM and a 320GB hard drive. The sole exception is the GeForce 7600GT graphics card, although even here the 3DMark 05 score of 6,165 indicates above average gaming performance.

Other useful features include a five-in-one flash card drive, for easy access to images on your digital camera's memory card, and a three-year, on-site parts and labour warranty. So it's no surprise that the quality and sheer weight of features makes this a highly recommended PC.