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Mesh Elite E6400 review

A non-descript case hides an excellent all-rounder

The easel-type stand means you can't adjust the height of the monitor or rotate it

Our Verdict

A good all-rounder that's above average in most areas


  • Strong graphics performance


  • Display susceptible to glare

When you unpack the Elite E6400 (ANS) you're confronted with the usual Mesh tower system. It looks good enough from a distance and in photographs, but close up the plastic case feels a little cheap.

The 19-inch Sony monitor looks classy, though: it's the most stylish design of this group. It delivers a bright picture, accurate colours and sharp text, and utilises a variety of adjustment options.

It's not all good news with this display, though. The easel-type stand means you can't adjust the height of the monitor or rotate it. Furthermore, the display is susceptible to glare from strong lights overhead or behind you. Overall, the monitor is a definite plus point, though, as is the system's audio solution.

There's no cost-cutting, integrated sound chipset here; rather, Mesh has installed a Sound Blaster Audigy 4 and included a Creative Labs Inspire T7900 7.1 speaker system. This will be a great enhancement to DVD watching or game playing.

High-end graphics cards are generally expensive and we didn't imagine they'd be included with our all-purpose family PCs. Mesh thought otherwise, though, and bundled a GeForce 7900 GT with the Elite, which returned an excellent 3DMark 2005 score of 8,205.

Although it's not class-leading, the card still delivers great gaming performance. Mesh says it'll supply the Elite with a GeForce 7950 GT for no extra cost, which will be even faster.

Mesh hasn't overly cut corners elsewhere to afford this graphics card, either. An Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 CPU and fast 300GB hard drive contribute to a useful PCMark 05 score of 6,145.

Gigabit Ethernet support could help boost your networking speed, and a lengthy list of bundled software includes Works, a 60-day trial version of Office and a range of CyberLink video packages: something for everyone.