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Cyber Power Gamer Infinity 850 review

A budget machine so eager to impress it jumped right out the box

A simply stunning piece of kit for an impressively affordable price

Our Verdict

If you’re in the market for a basic but powerful budget rig then look no further.


  • Great performance
  • Decent monitor
  • Great price


  • Mini HDD

Should the thought of buying a whole new PC fill you and your wallet with dread then fear not, CyberPower is here to show that buying a full PC setup need not break the bank.

Think that's going to severely limit your gaming capabilities? What if I told you that you could have this system out of the box and be happily playing Crysis on max DX10 settings at the bundled panel's native res in the time it takes to install? You excited yet?

Bargain price, premium performance

What makes this possible is the inclusion of NVIDIA's latest budget pixel-pusher in the shape of the 9600GT.

The rest of the bundle is no shambles either, with the eminently overclockable dual core 45nm E8400. Okay, so it's not a quad, but right now there's little that can actually leverage the extra two cores anyway.

The motherboard doesn't allow for SLI, but it does at least have an amount of future resistance, being able to run the Penryn-based quad core chips.

The two gigabytes of RAM is a necessity with the inclusion of Home Premium, and the bundled 19-inch widescreen monitor is a perfect fit for the specs of this machine.

It's clear, bright and as responsive as you'll need. My only reservation with this specific system is the slightly miserly 160GB hard drive, but with prices being what they are you can configure the setup with CyberPower at purchase and have the drive replaced with a 500GB version for an extra £40-odd.

Perfect budget gaming system

The Infinity 850 really is the perfect budget gaming machine, with performance that goes way beyond the budget tag.

The upgrade possibilities are there too, with a clean spacious case just waiting to be filled with extra tech as and when you can. The PSU is a bit power-light, so if you're thinking of getting a more powerful GPU it really ought to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Still, this machine comes ready to rock out of the box and I for one am mightily impressed with what we've got here for such a minimal outlay.