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Genus Vero 2 review

Get past the styling, and this DAB radio is a winner

Our Verdict

The Vero 2 makes an affordable and versatile DAB tuner that's a great option for the money


  • Great value


    Easy to use


  • Ugly styling

It may be frumpy-looking, but this model from Genus is equipped with an SD card and can play MP3s, podcasts or recorded material from the DAB tuner. Paired with a computer, an SD card reader for that computer (about £15) and a home cinema system, we're talking portable audio files compatible with your home's entertainment system.

If you've got a TV with digital card slots (Panasonic's flat TVs spring to mind) you can even insert that SD card into your TV for playback. Yes, the media cards and formats are always changing, but it does seem as if SD cards are becoming standard to many gadgets at present, meaning swapping media between different appliances has never been easier.

Or cheaper. For just £80 here's the second generation of Genus' Vero DAB radio that not only allows one-touch rewind and pausing of live DAB radio, but also recording straight to the SD card (although, bizarrely, one isn't provided).

The provision of access to a seven-day electronic programme guide (EPG) and a simply designed operating system enables easy browsing (by genre, station or day) and recordings of programmes to be set up to a week in advance - handy if you've got a particular favourite show, but don't want to be tied to live listening.

Tuning in without delay, the Vero 2's selling point is simplicity, but there's more to it than just easy DAB radio operation. It's also able to connect to a PC via a USB port, but contrary to Genus' website, files cannot be transferred to the unit from a computer - only software updates.

On the downside, we're not that impressed with the clunky design - an odd, oval shape to the unit and an ugly grille over the speakers. Speaking of which, the speakers themselves don't exactly pump out quality sound. But, having said that, switch to 3D mode and the results are more pleasing.

With its optical digital audio output connected to an amplifier, the Vero 2 makes an affordable and versatile DAB tuner that is a great option for the money.