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One For All SV9310 review

Another indoor TV aerial that aims to be discreet

One For All SV9310
It may have a small footprint but the SV9310 requires a strong signal

Our Verdict

A nice design and long cables do not make up for a very poor performance when the signal is weak


  • Demure design
  • Sturdy build
  • Long cables


  • Poor performance when signal isn't perfect

The One For All SV9310 adopts an unusual approach to indoor TV aerial design with a tubular design that looks a lot less imposing than a lot of other models.

The concern is whether such a discreet object can successfully pick up signals when the antenna is so small.

One For All has a distinguished pedigree as a manufacturer of fi ne universal remote controls and the company's reputation for excellent build quality extends to its indoor aerials.

This model has a chunky base unit that feels a lot stronger than the plasticky coating suggests. To assemble the aerial you simply screw the 32cm-long tube to the base, connect the power supply and plug it in. A red LED lights up to indicate the 18dB booster is on.

The tube can be rotated and tilted in any direction including the horizontal position to help pick up the strongest signal. It boasts built-in filters to eliminate interference from wireless devices.

How it fares

Nice lengthy power and aerial cables provide good flexibility for positioning although the supplied power pack features a two-pin continental plug that's in need of a UK adaptor.

Unfortunately, despite trying numerous positions and locations we failed to get any channels other than BBC1 and a blocky BBC2. No doubt this aerial requires an excellent signal to work.

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