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Paws for thought? Dog-to-English translator reaches funding goal

Raspberry Pi-powered Dog-to-English translator reaches funding goal
Paws for thought?

With the untimely demise of Family Guy's Brian Griffin, there's a distinct gap in the market for talking dogs and one group of ambitious Scandinavian inventors have convinced Indiegogo backers they can fill it.

The No More Woof headset is powered by a Raspberry Pi and an EEG and claims to be able to translate a range of canine thoughts, such as hunger, tiredness and curiosity, into the Queen's spoken English.

The Scandinavian Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery reached its modest $10,000 funding goal with 50 days to spare and will ship the first devices out to backers in April.

We've been dreaming of this day since bawling our ours out watching Homeward Bound as kids (*cough* last week). Check out No More Woof in the video below.

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