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Lightning delays Endeavour launch again

Endeavour - scheduled for launch later today
Endeavour - scheduled for launch later today

Unsavoury weather conditions have meant that the Space Shuttle Endeavour has been delayed for the fourth time.

The official report states that: "Cumulus clouds and lightning violated rules for launching Endeavour because of weather near the Shuttle Landing Facility. The runway would be needed in the unlikely event that Endeavour would have to make an emergency landing back at Kennedy."

So there you go. And you though you would never see the words 'cumulus' and 'violated' in the same sentence.

Space walk

This is now the fourth time that the Endeavour has been denied lift-off – with weather and venting systems to blame for the prior three times.

The space craft's much-delayed mission is set to involve five space walks over 16 days, in a bid to fix a Japanese-made space-laboratory on the International Space Station. Endeavour is now scheduled to take-off later today – well, we hope it does, as the spacecraft is due for decommission in 2010.

As always, TechRadar will, er, endeavour to bring you the news of the delayed launch as and when it happens.