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Guitarist to use bionic hand to play

The SaeboFlex
The SaeboFlex

Ex-Long Blondes' guitarist Dorian Cox is using some revolutionary new technology to help him with his guitar playing.

The UK musician suffered a stroke in June, and this has severely hampered his guitar playing. So much so that in October this year, the band split up, citing the stroke as a reason.

Help could be at hand, however, in the form of neurological therapy and something called the SaeboFlex.

The SaeboFlex is a bionic hand of sorts – a device that fits over the hand, supports the wrist and helps with the basic grasping of objects.

'A gym for my hand'

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Cox said about the SaeboFlex: "It's a fantastic service, it's helping tremendously and I think it can work wonders for me and others – it's almost like a gym for my hand.

"I know things might never be the same again and nobody can give me a definite answer about whether I'll play guitar again, but I'm getting back on track with their help."

Cox is getting the revolutionary treatment at PhysioFunction in York, one of the few places in the country offering the therapy.