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Ahead of the Watch, Apple removes Jawbone Up and other wearables from stores


Just recently, Nike as good as killed its FuelBand with an update to the Nike+ app. Said update meant that the app would take all of the data, previously taken from the band, from the phone instead.

That move makes a little more sense in light of the latest news: Apple has now stopped selling most fitness band rivals from its stores.

The Apple Store on Regent Street confirmed to TechRadar that Apple has now removed all of the fitness devices, including the Jawbone Up24 and Nike FuelBand. Fitbit had already been given the boot.

Kill the competition

Right now it looks like only the Jawbone Move pedometer remains both in stores and online. Recode originally reported that the devices had vanished from a number of US stores.

Although Apple hasn't said as much, it's pretty obvious that this is a move to prepare for the Apple Watch. Cupertino wants to give its own wearable the best chance of success, so it makes sense for it to clear away the competition.

Though whether that will do anything to help the success of its Watch remains to be seen.