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Pioneer launches 8G plasmas

Pioneer has launched 10 brand new plasma TVs today in Rome. These are the long-awaited 8G sets the company first teased us with in January .

The 10 models form the backbone of a new up-market range from Pioneer, launched under a mysterious 'V' banner that may (or may not) stand for 'Vision'. Pioneer's new plasma range leads the company's summer launches, comprising "premium, high-priced products for discerning entertainment junkies," a Pioneer spokesman told

The Vision range splits roughly evenly between full HD 1080p sets and XGA resolution screens. The full HD line-up comprises two 50-inch and two 60-inch plasmas. The XGA line-up comprises three 42-inch and three 50-inch models.

Beyond the eyecatching plasmas, the Pioneer line-up also includes the company's first Euro-centric Blu-ray player, the BDP-LX70 and a hard disk/DVD recorder/hi-fi system called the LX01. Pioneer has also launched a series of new home cinema receivers and DVD players.