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Sharp: Widget TVs are still too niche

Sharp's LED backlight TV, sans web connectivity
Sharp's LED backlight TV, sans web connectivity

Sharp unveiled its new Full LED backlight TVs this week. But while the company is fully behind the eco-friendly, picture-improving LED format, it doesn't quite feel the same way about web-connected televisions.

When TechRadar questioned Paul Molyneux, Sharp's UK MD, about whether the company will be bringing its web-widget technology to the UK – something that Sharp has released in both Japan and America – he told us that there were no plans.

"We don't see that as a mass-market proposition at the minute," explained Molyneux.

"We understand some of the dynamics that are happening behind this technology, but we feel that it is still pretty niche so it is not something that we want to focus on at this moment in time."

Picture quality

TVs with web connectivity are being released by many a manufacturer in the UK at the moment, with Sony and Samsung at the forefront, so Sharp's decision does feel like an odd one.

But Molyneux did explain that picture quality is the company's main focus at the moment: "Consumers buy TVs for different reasons. We are selling ours on picture quality."