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World's smallest Bluetooth printer arrives

PlanOn's new Printstik printer
PlanOn's new Printstik printer

PlanOn has launched the world's smallest Bluetooth-enabled printer, pitched at those who are always on the go.

Called the Printstik, the dinky little printer weighs in at just 700g, and is just an inch tall and a smidge under 11in wide.

It uses Advanced Thermal Technology – which may sound like the sort of thing Bear Grylls uses to keep himself warm on those Artic expeditions, but it basically means that the printer can chuck out three pages a minute of prints on thermal paper that's got a seven-year rating.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Printstik is Bluetooth enabled, so you will be able to print from the likes of laptops, smart phones and PDAs.

If Bluetooth isn't your thing, then the printer also uses USB connectivity.

The Prinstick is available now for £199, and comes with a 20-page paper cartridge.