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Apple unveils slimmest ever iPod Nano

The iPod 'Nano-chromatic' range
The iPod 'Nano-chromatic' range

Apple has unveiled the 4th generation iPod Nano, with a boost in capacity to 16GB and a huge range of colours for the fashion conscious.

Unveiled at the 'Let's Rock' event in San Francisco, the new model will be available from today for the entire Apple-loving world.

The new model is the slimmest ever Jobs' lot, and has been lengthened back to the old height of the 1st and 2nd gen versions.

However the same wide screen is present as on the stubbier version of the iPod Nano, with hi-res display included.

Pointless photos

This allows more info to be seen on the screen when browsing albums or watching movies, as well as the (pointless) photo viewer as well.

An accelerometer has been added in for auto rotating the screen, as well as 'shake to shuffle', which is pretty much how it sounds, though there might be one or two at Sony Ericsson shouting 'Hey, we did that first!' after it's been seen on a fair few Walkman phones recently.

The Genius playlist feature is also there, activated by holding down the centre button of the clickwheel, and you can get them in around a billion colours, dubbed 'nano-chromatic' by the Apple-ies.

Available from today are both 8GB (£109) and 16GB versions (£149).