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Apple reportedly gearing up to mass produce 12-inch MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air
A dozen reasons to get excited?

Rumours of Apple adding a 12-inch model to its MacBook Air line-up are hotting up, with the latest tidbit of information coming from those apparently involved on the supply chain side.

Spilling the beans to Digitimes, unnamed sources from Quanta Computer said that the new device will enter mass production in the third quarter and will keep the range's familiar unibody chassis while tweaking the keyboard and internal layout.

According to the sources, sales of the 11-inch MacBook Air are suffering due to the device featuring a similar screen size to Apple's strongly performing iPad series, and a 12-inch model would provide a clear choice between the two while allowing the company to potentially fade out its smaller Ultrabook over time.

No change

For now, the company has no plans to change its current 11- and 13-inch models, they added, which were last updated in April to marginally improve battery life and processing power.

Rumours of a 12-inch MacBook Air initially surfaced last year, raising the possibility of a thinner and lighter model that may mark a series debut by packing a Retina display.