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Suzuki's drivin' cinema

Watching movies in the back of the car is becoming an increasingly popular pastime for passengers - but now Suzuki has taken the idea to its ultimate conclusion and delivered the XL7 Flix: a cinema on wheels.

Originally unveiled at the North American International Auto Show ( NAIAS ), the Flix comes with a clamshell roof which opens to reveal a moonroof that doubles as a 40-inch cinema screen. The car's front panel roof vents also open to reveal a projector, with movies relayed from the car's HD DVD player with built-in hard disk drive.

Naturally the Flix needs more than just a big screen for watching movies, which is why it also comes a THX surround sound system complete with speakers in the rear quarterlights.

To watch a movie all you have to do is swivel the four bucket seats 180 degrees, admire the red floor strip lighting and then fire up the cineplex. Oh, but don't forget park the car and switch off the engine first.