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Onkyo unveils latest 7.1 surround pre-amp

The Onkyo PR-SC886
The Onkyo PR-SC886

Audiovisual specialist Onkyo has announced the release of its latest pre-amp, the PR-SC886.

The big, black (or silver, but that kind of ruins the alliteration we were going for) box of goodness contains a whole host of features that will serve your home cinema with fantastic HD audio – no matter what the codec, as the machine has full on-board decoding.


And it's not just audio that gets the HD treatment, state-of-the art video processing circuits will upscale images to 1080p and the machine has two HDMI sockets and an Ethernet connection.

The PR-SC886 also gets a nice seal of approval from the likes of THX who has given the system Ultra2 Plus certification.

Price-wise, you are looking at spending £1,500. A lot to pay in these penny pinching times, but priceless for those looking for the ultimate home cinema setup.