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Dane Elec offers budget HDMI streaming

The SO G-Stream
The SO G-Stream

Dane Elec has released the new SO G-Stream media hub, which allows you to stream all your content from PC or USB drive.

The dinky box, which costs a penny under £100, offers HD streaming over Wi-Fi or LAN connections, with only an HDMI connection needed to link to the TV.

It can also accept content from an SD card or USB drive / stick, thanks to a number of ports built into the 189 x 199 x 31.4mm frame.

Friendly file

Users can also continue using the PC while files are streaming to the box, which can play nearly every file format under the sun, including AAC, JPG, BMP, MP4 and DivX.

It obviously supports HD playback, although it appears 1080p isn't among the options, which may upset some of the more ardent media file hoarders.

However, for the price it compares well to the PS3 can do (apart from playing games and Blu-rays... and having an inbuilt hard drive) so could be seen as a decent budget option.