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US introduces 'brain' scanners for airports

Airports want to know what's on your mind
Airports want to know what's on your mind

Airports in the US have taken the idea of the thought police a bit too literally and added a system that can seemingly read your mind when you go through customs.

The Malintent system is in its 'test' stage at the moment, but is said to be able to predict whether or not a person will be threatening on a flight, by looking for non-verbal clues.

Essentially it scans things like body temperature, heart rate and how much you're sweating – all the effects of a spicy curry the night before then.

Does not predict

Speaking to Fox news about the system, Bob Burns, Malintent's project leader, said: "If you focus on looking at the person, you don't have to worry about detecting the device itself.

"It does not predict who you are and make a judgement, it only provides an assessment in situations."