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New Apple iMac touchscreen tech outed in new patent

New Apple iMac touchscreen tech outed in new patent
It's all virtual now

A new patent application put in by Apple hints that there could be a touchscreen iMac in the works.

The application, posted this week to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, outlines the concept of a desktop computer with a touchscreen GUI (graphical user interface).

Now, Apple is certainly not the first to come up with a touchscreen all-in-one. The likes of Dell and HP have been churning these out for years but Apple's patent application is more to do with virtual controls on the screen, which make a touchscreen computer easier to use.

Touch control

These controls include a number of virtual knobs and sliders which would allow users of music and editing programmers to control the software without the need of a mouse or pen and tablet.

As the patent explains: "The visual augmentation could include displaying an outline and/or fill region (eg a colour or pattern fill) around the knob element, displaying text labels for minimum and maximum range limit values and displaying a slider element with the knob element."

The rumour that Apple is working on a touchscreen iMac has been around since 2008, but the appearance of virtual sliders adds more fuel to the fire that Apple is looking to get touchy feely with its iMac range.

From Patently Apple via Gizmodo