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Forget 4K: Apple is apparently working on a 5K Retina iMac

The iMac is due for a Retina upgrade

Reports in July suggested that Apple might release a 4K iMac by the end of 2014, but the latest rumors trump that by a whole additional "K."

Apple's big secret for 2014's remaining few months is not a 4K iMac, Taiwan display research firm WitsView said in a press release, but a Retina iMac with a 27-inch 5K display.

The press release doesn't mention where this info comes from, but it's far from outlandish and may very well be true.

"That product is expected to spur a new wave of demand for ultra high-resolution monitors," the firm predicts.

Wave of resolution

Clues spotted months ago in OS X Yosemite suggest that Retina iMacs are on their way, and it's the next logical step for Apple (not that Apple always takes the logical step).

And it may not be a coincidence that Dell literally just debuted its own 27-inch 5K monitors.

Hm. Wonder how that top-of-the-line display would look with a shiny new Apple iMac behind it?

These researchers believe that Apple's 5K Retina iMac will launch by the end of this year, so we only have a few months left to find out if they're right.

Via 9 to 5 Mac