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College students want Macs more than ever

Some 40 per cent of college students say their next computer will be a Mac

Even though Apple holds only a small slice of the operating system market, college students want Macs more than ever. And, according to a report from Morgan Stanley, Mac OS X may eventually command a significant portion of the market because of it.

A recent higher-education survey conducted by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty reveals that almost 40 per cent of college students claim their next computer purchase will be a Mac. And while that news may be enough to make Steve Jobs celebrate, the analyst had even more good news to share: the 40 per cent jump in expected market share far exceeds


's current 15 per cent share of the demographic.

'Aging phenomenon' is underway

"Longer term," Huberty said, "we see an 'aging phenomenon' that will put Apple in a more mainstream market share position as students enter the work force, much like Linux adoption in the 1998-2003 time frame."

Morgan Stanley did not say how long it will take for Apple to significantly increase its market share, but it did contend that as college students enter the work force and positions of prominence, the cascading effect could have a positive lasting impact on Apple's bottom line.