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Apple to bring MagSafe charging to iOS devices

Apple set to bring magnetic power cable tech to iOS devices

Apple has successfully applied for a patent to bring its Mac-saving MagSave power cable technology to iOS devices.

The magnetic charging solution, introduced in 2006, has saved countless MacBooks from potential disaster at the hands of clumsy owners.

Instead of dragging the device to the ground when you trip over the cable, the MagSafe connector just pops right out, leaving you with just a slight tinge of embarrassment rather than a large repair bill.


Now Apple has trademarked the tech with the US Patent Office in order to transfer MagSafe and bring piece of mind to iPad and iPhone owners.

The filing, revealed by the PatentlyApple website, says: "In one particular embodiment, the connector may be a power connector such as the MagSafe."

So there you have it, the days of self-inflicted, gadget-smashing mis-steps could be over.

It probably won't be in time for the next generation iPhone, but soon you'll be able to trip and fall as merrily as you like without taking your precious smartphone with you.

Link: PatentlyApple (via Engadget)