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Apple scraps white MacBook for consumers

MacBook - fading to white
MacBook - fading to white

Apple appears to have abandoned the white MacBook, with the latest MacBook Airs pushing all mention of the older laptop from the official site.

With the lowest priced MacBook Air now coming in at £849, the MacBook seems to have been squeezed out for the thinner and lighter consumer offering, with the MacBook Pro giving another option.

The white MacBook has been one of the company's iconic products over the past few years, although the Air has become its flagship consumer-focused laptop.


The new MacBook Airs bring the new Thunderbolt port along with a return for the backlit keyboard and the latest Intel Core processors. Also announced by Apple were new Mac Minis and a new Thunderbolt display.

"It was the most popular mac and an iconic piece of kit," said MacFormat editor Graham Barlow. "I'm sorry to see 'Apple white' removed from Apple's Mac line-up."

Indeed, for lovers of white, this may be a sad day - with brushed aluminium now the only laptop option you have available to you if you want a new MacBook.

UPDATE: Apparently the white MacBook has not been entirely scrapped - with the iconic laptop still available for educational institutions but not individuals (presumably until the stock is shifted).