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Apple dev conference scheduled for June

Last year's WWDC brought iPhone 3G
Last year's WWDC brought iPhone 3G

A June date has been set for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, sparking the inevitable talk of next generation iPhones, iPods and Macs.

Although the company is sticking to its guns on Steve Jobs' medical leave of absence and would not respond to questions about the influential figure's presence, Apple's WWDC will go ahead on June 8-12.

It's certain that the new iPhone 3.0 software will be a hot topic of debate, as will Snow Leaopard for Macs, but the spectre of a new iPhone is also looming large, despite the company' traditional silence.

Just the Jobs?

Jobs' medical leave, for a hormone imbalance, is scheduled to end toward the close of June, but his presence at the conference would be a massive boost for the company.

The co-founder has been a key part of Apple's renaissance, and his keynote speeches and 'And finally…' announcements are the stuff of legend.

A year ago, Jobs announced the 3G iPhone, and if he takes to the stage in June, the whole tech world will be watching with baited breath.