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Apple dates iPad 3G launch for US

iPad 3G out in the US by May 7th
iPad 3G out in the US by May 7th

As we Europeans await the arrival of the iPad to our shores, Apple has dated the US launch of the next version of its tablet PC, with the iPad 3G set to arrive in the States no later than 7 May.

Apple has just updated its US online store with the iPad 3G details, which shows the shipping date.

International launch delays

All versions of Apple's new tablet PC will be on the market in the US by 7 May, which means we could even see the arrival of the new 3G iPad even earlier.

The international launch for the iPad was recently put back due to the high demand for the new computer in the US.

So as we await the end of May to finally get our hands on the UK versions of Apple's iPad, we can only hope that the volcanic ash clouds part sooner rather than later for those hardcore British Apple fans who plan to make the trip to NYC earlier in May to pick up their new toy!

Via Engadget