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Apple brings out the big numbers for iPad 2 launch

Apple - showing off some magical numbers
Apple - showing off some magical numbers

After much speculation about his health, Steve Jobs took the stage at the iPad 2 launch today to announce some big numbers from the company.

There was much self-congratulatory back slapping about the iPad and the iPhone and some interesting dissing of rivals, including Samsung and its Galaxy Tab and a poke at Android 3.0, saying that there are just 100 apps available for this OS (which isn't strictly true).

Among the adulation were some interesting numbers from Apple, that show just how popular its products have become.

These include:

  • 100 millionth iPhone just shipped
  • $2 billion paid out to developers
  • 100 million books downloaded
  • 200 million accounts
  • 15 million iPads sold in 2010
  • 65,000 iPad specific apps
  • 90 per cent market share for tablets

Oh, and we reckon Steve Jobs also used the word magical at least three times.

And the amount of new iPads announced: one.