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OS X El Capitan: how to pin sites in Safari

Because bookmarks are so Yosemite

OS X El Capitan: how to pin sites in Safari

Sometimes bookmarks aren't enough. If your Safari window looks like mine, it's cluttered with tabs because you're scared of forgetting to go back to certain pages, or because you view a page so frequently, clicking a bookmark isn't fast enough. But Safari in OS X El Capitan offers a better solution: Pinned Sites. A pinned site appears as a tiny square icon to the left of your tabs and never goes away, keeping the site open and up to date. Pinning is easy, but Safari doesn't tell you how to do it — that's where we come in!

To pin a site, simply drag its tab to the far left side of the tab bar and drop it there. And you're done! Now you can easily click on a Google doc, Wikipedia page, or anything else you need regular access to without crowding the tab bar with so many sites you can't read their full names. If you decide to unpin a site, just drag its icon back to the right of the tab bar to turn it into a regular tabbed page, then click the "x" to delete it as usual.

How to pin sites in Safari

Pinned sites sit neat and orderly on the left side of the tab bar.