Friska Stockholm Micro standing desk review

A smaller desk with plenty of pint-sized power

Friska Stockholm Micro Standing Desk
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TechRadar Verdict

The Friska Stockholm Micro is incredibly functional and easy to build, a great standing desk solution for smaller spaces or growing children.


  • +

    Fantastic build quality

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    Plenty of customization available

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    Anti-collision sensors


  • -

    Two sets of assembly instructions

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The Friska Stockholm Micro is a petite-sized standing desk that offers a wide range of customizations and optional accessories, allowing it to be configured to suit your requirements perfectly. Despite its smaller-than-average workspace, there's plenty of room available for a full desktop setup and multiple monitors, and its high build quality makes it a robust option for busy households or offices. 


The Friska Stockholm Micro was well packaged, with each box clearly labeled, so unboxing and building were a complete breeze. The desk topper is packaged separately from the frame, which helps to prevent any scratches or other damage during delivery. 

Any optional accessories are included in a separate box, which can cause confusion during assembly as two sets of instructions are provided: one for the base configuration and another for correctly installing any of the optional accessories. We, therefore, suggest opening every box first and checking the instructions carefully before starting the assembly process to prevent you from needing to disassemble the desk. 

Provided you're using the correct instructions, assembly is incredibly straightforward, with detailed illustrations to guide you through the process. It's recommended that two people build the Friska Stockholm Micro standing desk; however, its small size makes it easy for a single person to put it together. You may need a second pair of hands to turn the desk over once assembled to be on the safe side. 

First impressions

The final product feels sturdy for something that requires self-assembly. A quick jiggle test returned no movement or other concerns, and the controls are easy to operate even without instructions. If you opt for the base configuration, you'll get a simple up/down control button, which doesn't allow you to save any specific height settings but is perfectly suitable for folks who may not need to adjust their position frequently. 

Friska Stockholm Micro Standing Desk

(Image credit: Future)

The topper measures around 40 x 23in / 100 x 60cm, making it ideal for spaces that wouldn't otherwise be suitable for a motorized sit/stand desk, such as box rooms or hallways. Its smaller size also makes it an excellent choice for children or teens, as it can be adjusted to suit their heights as they grow.

Design and build quality

Once assembled, it's clear that the desk is incredibly robust and of high quality. The topper is constructed from laminate, much like an artificial kitchen worktop, and is available in various styles to match any environment. It's also waterproof and withstands most everyday wear-and-tear, such as hastily placing down mugs without coasters or moving multiple office equipment like a mouse or keyboard over its surface. It would have been nice to see some real wood options for those who want a premium desk topper, though the laminate designs are varied enough to suit folks. 


Type: Motorized Standing Desk

Height Range: 25 - 50in / 64 - 127cm

Desktop Size: 40 x 23in / 100 x 60cm

Lifting Weight: 264lb / 120kg

The frame is available in four colors and is constructed from solid metal. All of the parts feel as though they were made to last. Even the base models come with anti-collision sensors to prevent anything from being damaged when lowering the desk over other items, such as filing cabinets: If the desk senses a bump or an obstacle, it will stop moving altogether. Safety features like that don't always come as standard in standing desks, so that's a nice touch from Friska, adding to the overall premium feel of the desk. 

Friska Stockholm Micro Standing Desk

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The desk topper should come with most of the assembly holes already pre-drilled or punched in (in the instances where you've opted for built-in cable feedthrough or power sockets) to spare you from measuring up and carrying out the work yourself, and these are well-finished with no rough patches or splintering. The website allows you to configure the power button placement and additional inclusions, such as castor wheels and cable management.

Friska Stockholm Micro Standing Desk

(Image credit: Future)

The desk height can be adjusted 25 - 50in / 64 - 127cm and is stable even at full height. It has a maximum load weight of 264lb / 120kg and can easily support a fully-grown adult. The space is also large enough to accommodate even a highly accessorized setup, making it an excellent choice for students, professionals, and PC gamers.

Friska Stockholm Micro Standing Desk

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In Use

The Friska Stockholm Micro is easy to operate, especially at its base configuration, which only consists of a single up/down button. The dual motors are described as "whisper quiet," which we didn't find accurate, though the noise isn't unbearably loud. In fact, at around 38 dBA, this desk is quieter than other products with our list of the best standing desks on the market.

When you plug the desk into a power socket, you'll hear a few clicking noises as the motors spring to life, but there are no other indicators that the desk is powered up, such as illuminated buttons. That could be positive if you find that sort of thing distracting, but less ideal if you wanted to operate the desk in a darkened room. The desk moves at around 1.6in / 4cm per second, which is plenty fast enough to adjust the height without feeling like it's taking an age. 

Friska Stockholm Micro Standing Desk

(Image credit: Future)

Cable clips are included to run underneath the desk, and they do a great job of concealing the messy cables leading from the motor. If all assembly instructions are followed correctly, the final result is a tidy and well-built piece of office furniture, and with a 10-year guarantee, you can have the peace of mind that it should stay up and running for years to come. 

Pricing for the Friska Stockhold Micro desk starts at $840 [£779 / AU$1,350]. Shipping to the UK is free and exceptionally fast, offering next-day delivery if you place your order before 2 pm. Sadly, shipping to the US requires you to contact Friska due to its high cost, though the company does mention that it has plans to set up shipping operations within the US at some point in the future. 

Final Verdict

There are a few bad words to say about the Friska Stockholm Micro. If you avoid the early pitfalls of using the wrong assembly instructions, building and operating the desk is incredibly straightforward, and the result is high-quality and robust. 

If you're looking for a standing desk but don't have ample space, then you should consider the Friska Stockholm Micro. 

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