The next generation of antivirus is here - here's why you need it

Antivirus Software
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Making sure your home and your business stay protected from the latest security threats is always a challenge, particularly as hackers and scammers are constantly tweaking their approaches to try and find a weak spot.

Fortunately, the latest security tools and antivirus protections, such as that offered by Bitdefender Premium Security Plus, are set up to do just that, and ensure you stay safe wherever you are.

But what exactly sets this next level of antivirus protection ahead of the crowd? Here are some of the key tools and services on offer if you're looking to up your online safety.

Tougher layers of protection

You might think your home or business device is not an attractive proposition for hackers or scammers, but you'd be wrong. Criminals will target anyone they think is a target, especially if it is poorly-protected low-hanging fruit.

Staying vigilant when you see anything suspicious is the best course of action, and this can start in your email inbox and your browser. Always ensure the emails or websites you interact with are legitimate, especially if they ask you for personal or business data, so that you aren’t giving away valuable data without knowing it.

Bitdefender Premium Security Plus comes with web-filtering technology to ensure that you never land on a harmful website, allowing users to see whether your search results are safe to access before you actually click on a link.

The platform also offers an improved vulnerability assessment which will scan for possible security flaws such as missing Windows security patches and potentially unsafe system settings, before suggesting the best fix to keep you safe.  

Phishing safeguards

Phishing is a notorious threat vector, as hackers look to trick victims into handing over personal information or financial details by using legitimate-looking emails, often with real company branding and imagery, to fool victims into clicking on malicious links.

Bitdefender Premium Security Plus features advanced anti-phishing protection that helps sniff out and block any malicious websites in order to steal your financial data, passwords or credit card numbers.

The platform also comes with sophisticated anti-fraud tools including an advanced filtering system that warns users whenever they visit websites that may try to scam you and steal personal or banking information.

Email spam safety

Email spam has been around for nearly as long as the Internet itself, but it remains a serious threat for users even today.

Many top email clients offer spam filtering tools these days, but if you need that extra boost in making sure your inbox stays streamlined, then a modern antivirus platform is the way to go.

Bitdefender Premium Security Plus comes with specially-optimised anti-spam services that are able to filter irrelevant messages from your inbox. Available for a range of local email clients, including the likes of Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird, the tool should help keep annoying or irrelevant messages far away, letting you focus on the emails that matter.  

For news on all the latest threats, you can also get real-time updates about malware outbreaks and scams on the Bitdefender Blog.