Boost your online protection with CCleaner Pro for just £1

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When it comes to workplace productivity, having that extra edge is crucial - you can get so much more done when you have a little extra speed. But although you yourself might be geared up to get your tasks done, sometimes your devices won’t be at quite the same level.

We’ve all been there - you’ve loaded up the programs, apps and files you need to get your work done, and your computer suddenly grinds to a halt. Fans whirring and components clicking along in fury, all you can do is wait as your PC tries to sort itself out - while you just sit there, not getting anything finished.

Fortunately, if this sounds like you, then you don’t need to throw out your PC for a new device, as there is a solution. If you are on the lookout for a welcome boost to get your devices running smoothly, TechRadar Pro has teamed up with CCleaner to offer 12 weeks of CCleaner Pro for only £1, with a full 12 month subscription costing £29.95


(Image credit: CCleaner)

Making sure you get the most out of your workplace devices is vital to improving productivity, but CCleaner can also help make your device not just faster, but more secure.

The platform offers a quick and easy way to speed up your computer or PC, managing everything from driver updates to software upgrades in one single place. Keeping your device updated with the latest versions is also a vital security tool, as criminals often target older editions to exploit security flaws or vulnerabilities which are yet to be patched. CCleaner Professional can make sure your device always has the latest version of all its key software drivers installed, meaning there are no nasty surprise shutdowns to install new updates.

And that’s not all - CCleaner Professional also offers the company’s new Performance Optimizer tool, which freezes unnecessary background activity to boost your PC's performance, making it feel brand new all over again. It will also make sure your PC boots up faster than ever before by disabling unneeded or unwanted background programs, making sure you can get to work faster.

Even if you’ve deleted older programs or files, some remnants can linger around, making your PC feel like a rubbish bin or recycling dump, but CCleaner can scrub all these traces away, making sure your device runs smooth and fast, just how you like it.

The platform will also ensure safer browsing for users by scanning for and deleting any harmful cookies, trackers or other nasties that could be used to snoop on your device, as well as making sure your internet history is deleted.

When it comes to safety and speed together, CCleaner’s new Health Check feature is able to analyse your PC to spot any potential weak areas, before recommending quick and easy fixes, then automatically tunes and updates where necessary - all contributing to a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

So if this sounds like the right deal for you, visit the CCleaner website here to sign up - TechRadar Pro readers can get a special deal of £1 for 12 weeks of premium product after three months renewed for a yearly plan of £29.95 - offer ends January 15 2024.