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WD unveils massive 1TB drive for laptops

WD Scorpio drive - 1TB
WD Scorpio drive - 1TB

Western Digital has unveiled a 2.5 inch HDD for laptops that offers a massive 1TB of storage -the industry's highest capacity drive of that size.

The WD Scorpio Blue SATA drive, which will also be available in a paltry 750 GB for those whose music collection doesn't include the entire works of everyone, brings massive storage.

Demand for storage

The 12.5mm form factor drives have been designed for laptops and portable storage solutions, bringing three 333GB platters and a 3Gb/s transfer rate.

"The convergence of the growing mobile computing and digital media trends produces demand for desktop-like capacities in portable devices," said WD's Jim Morris.

"Our new WD Scorpio Blue drives enable people to take even more of their digital collections with them wherever they go and, realizing the value of their data, back up their notebooks on their My Passport drives."

Via Engadget