Report predicts 'seismic shift' toward innovation among IT departments by 2017

UK It departments are increasingly focused on innovation

By 2017, two-thirds of UK organisations will be focusing their IT budgets on innovating new products and services according to a new report by CA Technologies.

The research, carried out in partnership with Vanson Bourne, also found that UK had the highest number of senior IT leaders who feel that IT leaders need to be better aligned with the business.

Called seniorTechInsights Report: The Changing Role of IT and What to Do About It, the report surveyed 1,300 senior IT leaders in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector and telecoms industries in Europe and around the world. It was carried out among individuals at enterprises with revenues of $100 million (around $597 million/AUS$1.07 billion) or more.

In addition to the need to focus on better aligning businesses with disruptive technologies such as cloud, big data and mobility, the report found that organisations are increasing their spend on technology outside of IT departments as they become more software-driven. Technology spend outside of the IT department is expected to reach 47 per cent by 2017.

Seismic shift

"Software and technology are disrupting business models, creating new businesses from the ground up and even transforming entire industries," said CTO of CA Technologies Martin Ashall. "Customers are demanding new applications and a different experience, and employees require new tools to succeed and be productive. As a result, we are seeing a seismic shift in the way technology is seen, purchased, used and deployed across UK organisations."

Ashall advised that IT departments must no longer hold a position of "single-source providers", but must become business consultants, brokers and advisors. They must advise on the strategic means by which businesses can achieve their goals or, "risk becoming marginalised in the technology-driven economy."