Cisco snaps up network security firm Lancope for $450 million

Cisco has made a number of security-based acquisitions recently

Cisco has announced a move to bolster its security with the acquisition of Lancope, a network security company.

The acquisition runs to $452 million (around £295 million, or AU$625 million) in cash and equity, along with retention bonuses for the Lancope staff who join Cisco's ranks, with the deal being subject to the usual regulatory scrutiny. The purchase is expected to close in the second quarter of fiscal 2016.

Lancope, which is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, over in the US, has developed a system by the name of StealthWatch which monitors a network sniffing out any suspicious traffic patterns which could be indicative of a cyber-attack.

Lancope's technology not only detects and analyses potential threats on enterprise networks, the company claims it facilitates a faster response which is obviously critical when it comes to an intrusion.

Security Everywhere

The acquired firm will become a key part of pushing forward Cisco's 'Security Everywhere' strategy, the idea of which is to provide all-encompassing advanced threat protection before, during and throughout the aftermath of an attack.

Rob Salvagno, vice president, Cisco Corporate Development, commented: "As enterprises digitise, security challenges rapidly evolve. Real time visibility and understanding of the behaviour of every machine or device on the network becomes critical in adapting the ability of enterprises to identify and respond to the next wave of cyber threats.

"Cisco is committed to helping organisations defend their networks and devices. Together with Lancope, our combined solutions can help turn a customer's entire network into a security sensor."

This isn't the only security-based acquisition Cisco has made in recent times, and other purchases have included OpenDNS, Portcullis and Neohapsis.

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