How to select an operator console that meets your business needs

For many businesses, the ability to put the filter on at particularly busy times, or to protect the valuable time of senior decision-makers within the organisation is particularly highly prized. And the trend towards customers wanting to contact businesses through direct dial-in video is likely to make the broker role of attendant console technology increasingly valuable going forward.

Select the right console technology solution for you

The operator console technology you choose will depend on the size of company and customer operation you want to support.

If you are a small business or startup, you could use it as a small standalone application for office receptionist use or for traditional IT helpdesk applications. If you are a mid-range company you might look to deploy a mid-market solution that provides the ability to place agents or operators around the organisation simply by turning on licences.

If you are a large enterprise, especially one that is growing quickly, your focus is likely to be on efficiency and speed of response in order to deal effectively with the larger volume of calls coming into the organisation. Features to look out for include enhanced keyboard and mouse control and large directory capability, as well as an agile platform infrastructure that can grow in-line with the business' own growth.

Plan for future growth

Make sure you choose a scalable, modular approach that allows you to expand the solution as your business grows. You might start as a small business with a standard attendant or receptionist console suitable for handling a limited number of calls, and then add new functionality as you grow from helpdesk functionality to scalable applications for large enterprises, and ultimately to full contact centre solutions.

Why it matters

First impressions continue to count in the modern business world and switchboard operators, receptionists and call attendants still have a critical role to play in making sure these impressions are the best they can be. So it makes sense to give them the best possible tools for efficient call handling and routing. By choosing the right solutions and following the above advice, businesses can turn this technology into a true competitive differentiator.