Microsoft introduces Windows 10 to Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's Redmond HQ

Microsoft has patched up four critical security flaws in various programs as part of its regular Patch Tuesday release.

The second Tuesday of each month, or Patch Tuesday as they like to call it at MS Towers, is always a big one for the firm and this month's is the first time that Windows 10 has been a part of the fun, according to ZDNet.

Of the 14 different patches, five cover Windows 10 in particular with a further one that concerns the new Edge browser on Windows 10 and the four critical security bulletins cover Windows (MS15-080), Internet Explorer (MS15-079), Microsoft Office (MS15-081), and Edge (MS15-091)

MS15-081 addresses an issue with Office that lets an attacker take over a machine by using a malicious Word document and Microsoft has already found it being used in the wild. MS15-080 fixes vulnerabilities in Silverlight, Lync and the .NET Framework that lets attackers run malicious code by making a user open a webpage or document containing TrueType or OpenType fonts. This would then allow the malicious actors gain full administrator rights.

Edge is fixed

MS15-091, meanwhile, fixes an exploit in Microsoft Edge that allows attacker to run malicious code if the user visits a specially made webpage. Finally, MS15-079 fixes a range of corruption flaws in Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 has been fairly devoid of any big problems so far except for an issue with the auto-update feature, which has now been fixed, that trapped users in an endless reboot cycle when trying to install an update.