Safe Step walk-in tub

Safe Step Walk-in Tub review
Safe Step walk-in tubs come with a towel rack and an embroidered towel (Image credit: Safe Step)

In our Safe Step walk-in tub evaluation, we look at the single walk-in tub, how it’s designed with universal installations in mind, and how the lifetime warranty is one of the best in the industry, covering all the parts and components. The Safe Step walk-in bathtub is built to fit in most bathtub alcoves and they even offer a tub and shower hybrid. We also look at how the pricing compares to other brands, but given the lack of transparent pricing, we had to look at user reviews.

About Safe Step

Unlike many of the walk-in tub brands we’ve evaluated, Safe Step only makes walk-in tubs and showers. In fact, it has one walk-in tub model, a walk-in shower, and a walk-in tub/shower hybrid. Either way, making bathing accessible is their passion and devotion, as they don’t focus on any other products.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub review

Safe Step has one walk-in tub model. (Image credit: Safe Step)

Of the brands we’ve evaluated, Safe Step has the lowest rating on ConsumerAffairs. That said, it’s still a good 4.25 rating based of 324 reviews, which is the most of any brand we’ve evaluated. That shows a good level of trust in the product spread out among a lot of people. That said, most reviews point at the lack of upfront pricing and option as being the biggest downside. While walk-in tubs might be Safe Step’s main focus, they haven’t focused on providing more options.

The best walk in tub for the warranty 

Safe Step makes just one tub. It’s designed to fit into a standard tub alcove under 60-inches in length and features an inward swinging door, making it difficult to use if you’re in a wheelchair. The impressive thing about this walk-in tub is the standard features. This ADA compliant tub comes with a fast-fill faucet, a quick drain, a built-in towel bar with an embroidered Safe Step towel (for some reason), an intuitive control pad, a floating remote, a heated seat to keep you warm throughout your bath, and a handshower to clean yourself up quickly. It also comes with 10 hydrotherapy water jets, a MicroSmooth jet to deliver billions of micro bubbles, chromatherapy, and aromatherapy. There is even a bidet built into the seat for added hygiene.

Safe Step also makes a Hybrid walk-in tub, which is essentially the same as the walk-in tub, but features an overhead shower. This is excellent for seniors who’d rather shower than bathe.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub review

The Safe Step walk-in tub features six hydrojets on the back and four on the legs. (Image credit: Safe Step)

While each water jet was strategically placed by engineers, according to Safe Step, we wish there were more. Some walk-in bathtubs have over 20 water jets and an in-line heater. All Safe Step has is a seat warmer, which helps keep your backside warm but does little to keep the water warm.

The best feature of the Safe Step is the warranty. Most walk-in tub manufacturers break the warranty into parts, with 10-15 years for the tub, 1-5 years for the motor and components, and maybe a lifetime warranty on the door seal. With Safe Step, the lifetime warranty covers everything. All of it. You can bath easy knowing if your tub starts to leak in 30 years, it’s covered under the warranty.

Installation is included in the price and the process takes just one to two days, though they say it’s typically one day. There isn’t any policy online, as yet, to no-contact installation procedures during this coronavirus pandemic. As such, we recommend requesting a no-contact installation. There also isn’t a virtual appointment either. Right now, all consultations start with a phone call followed by an in-home inspection from an expert.

Cost comparison

According to some user reviews, Safe Step’s estimated price range is between $11,000 and $16,000, making them one of the most expensive walk-in tubs on the market. The brand makes custom quotes for each customer because every situation is different. This makes some sense, especially when considering the installation into the price. Things like the demolition, plumbing, electrical work and more can cause the installation cost to rise significantly. 

However, we still prefer companies to be transparent about the cost of the tub itself. There is no reason why brands can’t provide the cost of the tub and the features and quote the installation separately. Providing customized quotes without being transparent on the price of the products creates an air of questionable sales tactics.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub review

The Safe Step walk-in bath includes a floating remote. (Image credit: Safe Step)

This is exceptionally disappointing considering the number of jets is limited. That said, the price does include a professional installation, which often costs as much as the tub itself. By comparison, brands like Independent Home are clear about the pricing while also providing customized prices for the installation. It makes for a better, more confident purchase. That said, Safe Step does have a low-price guarantee when comparing a walk-in tub of comparable quality. (Of course, how you define comparable quality and how they define it might be vastly different.)

Final Verdict

The Safe Step walk-in bathtub is an excellent option for seniors with limited mobility, but the lack of other types of tubs means it’s not ideal for people with wheelchairs or people in need of a bariatric tub. As with every brand we’ve evaluated, you can get hydrojets and air jets. You can also get chromotherapy and aromatherapy features. Safe Step also includes a towel bar with a towel. But most importantly, the Safe Step walk-in tub has a lifetime warranty.

Safe Step walk-in tubs are not cheap, but they are well-made bathtubs that include a professional installation. And when you consider the installation, the price is more competitive, as installation costs are often as much as the tub themselves, if not more if you were to choose a poorly rated installer on your own. 

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