Mobile Industry Awards 2020: Huawei wins Smartphone Manufacturer of the Year

(Image credit: Future)

This award recognises the smartphone manufacturer which best utilised its products, market position and relationships to drive its overall strategy and reputation within the industry and beyond. 

The mobile industry would be nothing without the devices we all use every day. Every era of mobility has delivered innovations that have changed our lives, with manufacturers looking to pack their phones with features that customers demand and desire so they can stand out in an incredibly competitive marketplace.

This category recognises the smartphone manufacturer that has best used its portfolio, market position and relationships to deliver its strategy and cement its reputation in the industry and beyond. 

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • Exciting products that have captivated customers and partners
  • Innovations in design and features
  • Balanced range of products
  • Demonstrated market leading execution of sales and marketing
  • Been a reliable partner for trade buyers in terms of forecasting, finance, returns and aftercare

Our 2020 finalists are:


Fairphone’s modular smartphone concept and commitment to reduce waste differentiates it from the competition. Its devices are easily repairable and it has made a conscious decision not to include anything in the box but the phone itself.  

Google Pixel

The Pixel range has provided Google with a vehicle to bring some of the most innovative and powerful features to Android users. Its 2019 portfolio combined AI capabilities, advanced software and desirable hardware.  


Huawei was able to provide impressive testimonials and financials and demonstrated its record of innovation and effective marketing. Its commitment to the UK market is in evidence through its submission, providing everything that partners and buyers needed in order to support and sell the firm’s products.   


Motorola performed admirably in its mission to excite the industry and the public with its widely anticipated RAZR device. However the strength of its entire portfolio was difficult to ignore, as were the testimonials on display.


Samsung’s ambition to be the UK’s number one manufacturer was enhanced by its early 5G leadership. It was the first vendor to release a compatible handset in this country and opened experience stores to get even closer to customers.

And our winner is...Huawei!

Speaking about Huawei’s win, Mobile Industry Awards Director Mark Fermor said: “Huawei’s ability to innovate and achieve commercial success in the UK despite the wider restrictions imposed on the company make its 2020 victory even more impressive.” 

(Image credit: Future)

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