Using Android tablets in your business: the advantages

Android has been great news for tablets
Android has been great news for tablets

Android tablets are flexible, secure and affordable, making the operating system (OS) ideal for today's remote workers.

With an increasing number of small firms operating on the move, tablets are fast infiltrating the workplace. So why use Android tablets in your business?

Anywhere, any time working

Deploying Android tablets allows staff to work from anywhere at any time. Combined with cloud storage, this is great for firms with employees out on the field. It allows sales staff to use real-time data when in meetings, getting updates on the status of a customer.

Android tablets also allow staff to take on more flexible hours, and the ability to work from home can increase productivity. Meanwhile, employees are more likely to regularly check emails and update documents using an always-on, portable device.

Consumer features

Consumerisation is seeing consumer form factors entering the workplace. Android tablets are already infiltrating businesses through the 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) trend, with many firms now buying the tablets for enterprise use.

The familiarity of Android tablets also saves the need for extensive training. As Android is primarily a consumer OS, your employees will have some experience of it already. Therefore, firms that embrace tablets running the Google OS can enjoy engaged and more productive staff.

Affordable hardware

Android tablets are available from £100, making them much more affordable than iOS devices. Better still, there are hundreds of available tablets running Android, giving firms much more choice on their hardware. Android price points do vary, but you can get a fairly powerful tablet for around £300, keeping your staff in the latest hardware without spending a fortune.

Google also offers support on older devices, so your Android tablets won't become obsolete. This means they will potentially last longer than those running other OSs.

Security capabilities

It was once considered less secure than its counterparts, but mobile device management capabilities are now supported by the Android OS. This means your business can add features such as a partition, separating work and personal data.

Using a partition, in combination with services such as remote wipe, you can keep your business data safe, while enabling employees to work on the move. And as its popularity surges, the Google OS continues to increase its security credentials, with some iterations even used by the military.

Creating your own apps

Because Android applications are written in Java, small firms with a working knowledge of the tool can easily get apps up and running. Creating your own enterprise apps can make your employees more productive and efficient; and you can sell the app to other businesses, putting your branding on it for extra clout.

Meanwhile, if you don't have Java expertise, you can always hire someone who has: development is all the more affordable because you don't have to pay huge licensing and development fees. It's easy to publish your apps too; there's no need to jump through any hoops.