Adobe Social gets predictive publishing

Adobe Marketing Cloud
Another element for the Marketing Cloud

Adobe has gone deeper into the world of social media with the launch of a new predictive publishing capability for its Adobe Social service.

It is currently in beta and is expected to become available during the summer, with an initial version offering integration with Facebook and functions for other social platforms to be added later in the year.

Adobe Social is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which includes analytics, social, advertising, targeting and web management tools.

The company says the predictive publishing feature can make predictions on customer engagement and recommendations on when to post content, based on advanced sentiment analysis and predictive text mining algorithms. It claims this will help social media marketing teams to provide content that will resonate with their audience.

Bill Ingram, VP of Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics, said: "Social marketers have largely had to rely on instinct to uncover not only what resonates but what will maximise future engagement on social platforms. Now we can smarten up social by unlocking the power of predictive analytics."

The news comes on the day that Brad Rencher, Adobe's Senior VP and General Manager, told the Adobe Summit in London that the trend towards collecting data faster in social marketing may have to slow down.

"The more we get quickly the more we lose focus on what is critically important for us to meet the expectations of the customer," he said.

Rencher summed up the company's attitude to digital marketing as comprising four key steps: listen to the signals; make predictions based on data on what consumers are looking for; assemble the consumer experience; and deliver the experience.

The role of social data is becoming increasingly important in this, and the addition of the predictive publishing capability to Adobe Social is aimed at refining the process to take some of the heat off marketers making the decisions.