GreenTech looks to new market

Smaller companies buying mobile equipment have been poorly served by traditional channel partners claimed reconditioned devices specialist GreenTech.

 The company is set to tackle this inequality by boosting its sales service. The company has also hired former Data Select executive Ian Miller, as the manager responsible for effecting these changes.

GreenTech buys and sells reconditioned handsets and has been particularly in the insurance market, where some of the customer claims cases are replaced with reconditioned products.

But the company believes many other businesses are being let down by existing channel providers. According to a GreenTech spokesman, it’s time to tackle the situation where “we see a gap emerging where some customers in the B2B channel are profiled according to the scale of their business, and receive enhanced support and attention where sales volumes are higher.”

Package of support

It’s not just about selling devices cheaper, said the spokesman. “Our business model is about delivering a package of support within which price is one important component.  We are agnostic in terms of the products we sell and GreenTech has a very strong and solid financial foundation, giving the business both scale and reach and enabling it to provide a range of added value support to our B2B customers.

The company is set to beef up its support services, although it’s being coy about the details. “Over the coming months, GreenTech will be announcing a range of support services specifically developed to meet the needs of the B2B channel where the focus is on a broader range of customers,” said the company spokesman.