Facebook may finally be adding this vital security tool to Messenger

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Meta has announced it is soon adding end-to-end encryption by default to its Facebook Messenger platform, with tests “between some people” already taking place.

End-to-end encrypted messages can currently be enabled individually for each chat, however the company is set to roll this out on a wider scale.

“Conversations are currently stored on your device,” says Meta Trust’s Product Management Director, Sara Su, whose company is seeking a solution to “back up those messages in case you lose your phone or want to restore your message history on a new, supported device” with secure storage.

Facebook Messenger encryption

It seems that Facebook’s messaging platform is succumbing to pressures for increased security, which has become the norm in recent years with apps like Signal setting the benchmark. Meta’s own WhatsApp has also long supported encrypted messaging.

Along with the Facebook-based Messenger, Meta is also testing end-to-end encryption in direct messages sent through Instagram.

End-to-end encryption has become a favoured default by many thanks to its security enhancements: while hackers can still gain unwanted access to a certain degree, sensitive data like locations are much harder to crack.

That said, there are concerns that encryption could get in the way of law enforcement, as not even Meta will be able to access your conversations under its new proposals. 

Moving forward, Meta has hinted at encrypted calls which, when combined with messages, could see the company expand its communications channels into the corporate world - meaning further announcements regarding encrypted messages and calls expected in 2023. 

Via The Verge

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