Discover some great ways to up your security while you are staying home

(Image credit: Shutterstock / fizkes)

As employees from all kinds of industries adapt to working from home across the world, the new way of working also highlights a growing need to stay secure.

The coronavirus lockdowns have meant more of us are now working remotely, meaning that homes are now not just a place to eat, relax and sleep, but also now increasingly the centre of our working lives.

Now your workspace is centred in the home, you need to ensure your local network and the devices within are secure. So if you're looking to boost your home’s online protection, here are some top tips to keep you safe.

Make sure all your devices are secure

Most people now hopefully are aware of the need for security protection for their computing devices, whether laptop or desktop, printer or more. But all too often, mobile devices get forgotten in this way of thinking, despite the fact that smartphones and tablets are also incredibly sophisticated computing machines.

Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 doesn't just cover PCs, but works across multiple platforms and software versions, running on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS protection. What's more, it can be used across up to 15 devices per household, making sure your family stays protected, whatever device it uses. 

Enforce strong parental controls

With schools closed to almost all pupils, children of all ages are also subject to lockdown, meaning they will no doubt be using internet-connected devices at home. Making sure they stay safe online is a crucial consideration, especially as criminals often try to exploit unaware users into giving away login details or password information on services such as gaming sites.

Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 looks to keep your family safe from all types of online threats, with advanced parental controls that allow parents to discreetly supervise children’s online activities, and block them from any harmful content. 

Get a VPN up and running

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, has quickly become an essential tool for home and work internet use in recent months. Put simply, using a VPN allows you to disguise your connection to appear like it is originating from a different country or region, meaning no one should be able to track your internet surfing or snoop on your location. 

Many of us may already be working with an enterprise VPN service, which allows remote workers to connect to a workplace network or intranet, or using a consumer-facing service to experience entertainment streaming services from overseas. Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 comes packaged with a Secure VPN service that offers complete online privacy. And with a 200MB/day allowance, you can ensure your internet enjoyment isn't compromised. 

Be security aware

Having more internet-connected devices around the home means that unfortunately, the possible threat landscape is greater than ever before. Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, smart TV or even a connected thermostat, criminals are always hunting for a way into your network.

Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 features multi-layer ransomware protection, meaning that your documents, pictures, video and media files will all be safeguarded against being encrypted and stolen by ransomware threats.

There's also protection against the latest malware, spyware and adware threats, including protection against botnet attacks from compromising your smart home devices, and the latest network-based adaptive layer of protection prevents exploitation of vulnerabilities in your home system.