The best grass type Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Some of the best grass type Pokémon: Tanglea, Bulbasaur, Cottonee, Weepinbell, Leafeon, and Cherubi
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The best grass type Pokémon can be used to dominate certain Gyms and challenges in Pokémon Go. Water and rock types are particularly weak to grass, so having Pokémon like Venusaur in your team is often the key to success.

The wait for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is almost done, but there’s still lots to do in the mobile version of the popular video game franchise. There are hundreds of catchable creatures in the game, as well as a fair few grass or combination-grass type in Pokémon Go, so how do you pick the cream of the crop to catch and trade? 

In order to come out on top of every battle you come up against, it’s a good idea to study our Pokémon Go type chart to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon type if you’re unsure. You don’t want to be caught unawares, after all.

This guide will introduce you to the best grass type Pokémon by helping you weed out the weak links. Grass types can be cute and floral like Bellossom or weird and wonderful like Tangrowth, and each one has its own special combat movesets that make them a cut above the rest. Sound good? Keep reading to find out which ones you should be keeping your eyes peeled for, whether you want to catch one out in the open or evolve it!

The best grass type Pokémon in Pokémon Go

The best grass type Pokémon: Strengths and weaknesses

pokémon like Ho-oh and Lugia surround the words 'Pokémon Go'

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Grass type Pokémon will take reduced damage from the following move types: 

  • Water
  • Electric
  • Ground
  • Grass

Grass-type attacks are also super effective against water, ground, and rock Pokémon.

Grass type Pokémon will take increased damage from the following move types:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Poison
  • Flying
  • Bug

Grass-type attacks will not be very effective against fire, poison, flying, bug, dragon, steel, and other grass-type Pokémon.

The best grass type Pokémon: Zarude

Zarude from Pokemon

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This mythical Pokémon hasn’t been in the game for too long, but it’s already one of the best grass types to add to your collection and battle rotation. It has a great max CP making it a strong all-rounder in fights.

Zarude was available as a Special Research quest line reward, but unfortunately, the quest was only available for a limited time. If you have a Zarude, consider powering it up to be a part of your team. Otherwise, you might have to wait for it to make another appearance in the future.

Zarude is a dark and grass type Pokémon. That means it is resistant to attacks from dark, electric, ghost, grass, ground, water, and especially the best psychic type Pokémon. However, it does have many weaknesses and will take additional damage from fairy, fighting, fire, flying, ice, poison and especially bug-type attacks.

The best grass type Pokémon: Venusaur

Venusaur from Pokemon

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For a grass type Pokémon that’s a bit easier to obtain, Venusaur is a great bet. Its bulk and strong attacks make it almost as powerful without being nearly as rare. 

You can catch Bulbasaur in the wild and use candies to evolve them into Ivysaur and eventually Venusaur. Catch more Bulbasaur or walk with one as your buddy to gain candies.

Venusaur can also be Mega evolved, which will make it even more powerful. Shadow-type Venusaur is also an option to consider.

Venusaur is a grass and poison type Pokémon. That means it’s resistant to fighting, water, electric, fairy, and especially other grass-type attacks. It does have a weakness to flying, fire, psychic, and the best ice type Pokémon.

The best grass type Pokémon: Leafeon

Leafeon from Pokemon

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The grass-type Eeveelution isn’t a bad pick for adding to your PvP team if you want to use something a little bit different. It has strong defenses and can be a good counter to the many water types that you may encounter.

Leafeon can be evolved from Eevee using 25 candies. Eeveelutions are usually random, but once per person, you can use special nicknames to force a specific evolution for Eevee. The name for Leafeon is “Linnea.” Alternatively, using a Mossy Lure from the item shop and spinning a Pokéstop will ensure that the next Eevee you evolve will be a Leafeon.

Leafeon is a pure grass type Pokémon, so it’s resistant to ground, water, grass, and electric-type attacks. However, it is vulnerable to attacks from the best flying type Pokémon, as well as poison, bug, fire, and ice-type attacks. 

The best grass type Pokémon: Vileplume

Vileplume from Pokemon

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Finally, some people wonder whether they should evolve their Gloom into Vileplume or Bellossom. Vileplume is a strong attacker and typically will be more suited to battling those gyms or troublesome Team Rocket members.

You can ensure that you get a Vileplume by not using a Sun Stone on your Gloom. Otherwise, you will get a Bellossom. Either way, though, you’ll still need 100 candies. 

Vileplume is a grass and poison type Pokémon. That means it’s resistant to fighting, water, electric, fairy, and especially other grass-type attacks. However, be careful as it does have a weakness to flying, psychic, ice, and attacks from the best fire type Pokémon.

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