Auto FX Mystical Tint Tone & Colour

Auto FX's latest plug-in will delicately enhance your images

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Our Verdict

A good-value tool for altering digital images with speed and subtlety, particularly for new or mid-level users.


  • Easy to use

    Fast previews

    Relatively inexpensive


  • Not for everyone

    Needs a lot of RAM

    A little buggy

This tool has the typical Auto FX look and feel, sporting the company's now familiar, although nonstandard interface. It offers a quick way to apply colour effects globally or via a brush-based system, as a Photoshop plug-in or a standalone app.

The effects range from exposure controls to sharpening and subtle tinting. As you add an effect it appears in the Layers palette, making it easy to adjust the opacity of the effect on your image. You then continue to add effects from the Special Effects menu, adjusting the opacities until you're happy with results. Essentially, effects are applied as layers on top of your original image. You can also add masking layers to limit effects to certain regions if required.

Each effect has a plethora of presets, giving you a variety of starting points for tonal, tint and colour changes. These are shown as thumbnails in the Layer Preset dialog. You can control effects individually via sliders and checkboxes; these appear contextually on the left as you apply or switch between effects. The controls are excellent, and changes in the effect are updated as you alter them.

Mystical Tint Tone & Colour is extremely snappy - thanks to the app using a proxy of the image - with the effect updating almost immediately. The more RAM you have the better, of course. Even with 512MB, it crashed frequently when working on 50MB images.

We doubt the Photoshop expert will have any need for Mystical Tint Tone & Colour - that said, it does offer a speedier way to achieve photographic effects. But the beginner and the intermediate user will appreciate the range of colour-enhancing and tweaking effects on offer. Mark Sparrow