Razer Destructor review

A great quality mouse pad

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Our Verdict

A fantastic mouse pad, especially for gamers


  • Smooth, no resistance with the mouse
  • Well built

Rarely have I been that complimentary about Razer's mice creations in the past, but they sure can make a mouse pad.

The Destructor is about the finest surface you can play games on short of a fractal-coated maiden on all fours.

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Little resistance

This may sound like the Razer brochure, but it hardly feels like your mouse is resting on anything at all.

I won't use the on-a-cushion-of-air analogy, but there's so little resistance when your glide your mouse around that every movement is accurately translated into your chosen game world.

The pad's flexible, but solid enough to stay flush to your desk and the rubberised under-side prevents pad movement even the most frenzied of gun battles.

The Destructor is a fantastic pad, and it's rare that you'll hear me enthuse about such things, but for the gamer there's nowt better.