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DVC Matrox RT.X2 Core 2 Duo System review

A dab hand at video editing

The DVC Matrox RT.X2 Core 2 Duo System delivers on its promise

Our Verdict

The Matrox delivers exactly the right levels of perfection in video editing albeit for a high price


  • Edits superbly


  • Pricey

Sussex-based DVC is one of the UK's leading video-editing PC specialists, with over a decade of experience. We chose a system built around Matrox's powerful RT.X2 editing card, which offers hardware-accelerated hi-def video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and component analog HD capture.

DVC has partnered the Matrox card with Intel's Core 2 Duo E6700 processor and 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM. Most importantly, graphics acceleration is provided by ATi's Radeon X1950 Pro with 512MB memory.

This is no gaming heavy hitter, but it's one of the top cards recommended by Matrox for use with the RT.X2. A 160GB Seagate disk is provided for the operating system and programs, plus a separate 400GB Western Digital drive for video storage.

Sure enough, the DVC proved admirably adept at editing video. Not only was its encoding performance commendable, but we found it could easily mix three streams of HDV in real time in Premiere Pro, which is impossible with software alone.

The DVC system does come at a premium, although over a third of the price is the Matrox editing card. But most importantly, it can be counted on to deliver reliably where it counts - editing video.