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Zotac H67-ITX Wi-Fi review

Teeny-tiny and packed full of Sandy Bridge goodness

Our Verdict

Superb mini-motherboard that shows how far the concept of the ITX board has come in the last ten years


  • Tiny
  • Feature-rich


  • Powerful
  • Rather pricey


A tiny motherboard capable of keeping pace with the big boys? That'll be the Zotac H67-ITX Wi-Fi then.

Back in the mists of time (well, October 2001) when VIA released its first ITX EPIA motherboards, my how people laughed.

"A tiny little motherboard?" They all said, "why it's but a toy!"

But a few people understood the concept and could see the possibilities. And from time to time the format would peek above the parapet to see if anybody was still interested.

Firstly through AOpen, but even Mr Jobs couldn't make that much of an impact with the mini Mac, and others released their own mini PCs but still they can't be said to have set the world alight.

Fast forward to today and just maybe Intel's H67 chipset could be the making of the concept and if Zotac's H67-ITX WiFi is any indication of where were heading, then we're in for some interesting times ahead.

Zotac isn't the only company releasing ITX boards based around the H67, most of the big players (such as Foxconn's H67S) in the motherboard business have one listed for the coming year.