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Ilyama E2200WS-B review

Sometimes, you get what you pay for...

The E2200WS-B is de?nitely a panel for those with price concerns

Our Verdict

Its a hard panel to love, despite the go-get price tag. This is really one to be avoided


  • The price is right


  • Terrible viewing angle

    Washed-out colour

    Dimmer than you would like

This screen isnt the best showing from Iiyama. The E2200WS-B is de?nitely a panel for those with price concerns - after all, £290 for a 22-inch monitor seems like pretty good going.

Then, when you plug it in and get going, youll see what your money's actually been spent on.

The colours look rather washed out, and the screen's not very bright. The worst aspect of the panel is its viewing angle. Its so poor that all you need to do is look at the screen on a slight angle and the image degrades noticeably - becoming darker or lighter depending on which way you move your head.

All of which means that you have to be sitting absolutely square-on to the screen, both horizontally and vertically, to get the optimum image beamed into your eyes.

And, even when you're thus perfectly poised, the image is inferior to just about every other ?at panel weve seen. This screen tempts us with its viewing area and price tag, and, on paper, the specs seem pretty competitive.

But there's no substitute for actually using a screen, and here the E2200WS-B is clearly found wanting. Your £300 could be much better spent elsewhere - say, on a 20-inch panel that's bright and crisp, and doesn't kill the image dead if you move your head just a few millimetres.