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XtremeMac MicroFlex Car For Nano review

Attach your iPod to your dashboard for easy use

The Microflex - stick your iPod to your dash board

Our Verdict

An adequate tool for the iPod in your car, nothing more to it


  • Good build quality

    Works with iPod FM transmitters

Now that iPod FM tansmitters are widespread in the UK - and given that this cradle is compatible with XtremeMac's own AirPlay - this in-car nano holder should appeal to many of the iPod-toting public.

The cradle comes with a cigarette lighter coupling that will charge up the nano as you drive along. The flex cable that connects the socket adaptor to the cradle is strong, but still malleable and a good length. The dock on the bottom of the cradle has an audio-out socket in the form of a 3.5mm jack; if you dock an FM transmitter with this audio-out you'll be able to tune your car stereo to the iPod. Not all FM transmitters will work with this type of jack, so check yours does.

Overall quality is about the best we've seen. Everything is strong, particularly the power connector, which has rubber grips to help you plug it in and out. One improvement would be to remove the bottom from the cradle, exposing the bottom of the iPod, thus opening the headphone port up to a wide range of transmitters that would require access to this port. MacFormat Staff