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This teardown shows you just how a BB-8 droid works

BB-8 droid cut-out
BB-8 droid cut-out

Bought your BB-8 droid yet? The Sphero replica toy looks a lot like the real thing, even if it's much smaller, and it's said to use the same kind of mechanics inside as well. In fact, there's been plenty of speculation over exactly how BB-8 works.

The team at uBreakiFix decided to get the definitive answer by cutting open their BB-8 droid and taking a peek inside. As expected, a combination of wheels, counterweights and magnets keeps the droid moving and keeps its head in place on top.

Whether or not you've bought the toy, you can now see exactly what its insides look like. Controlled via a smartphone over Bluetooth, the $150 gadget looks and sounds just like the real thing. The droid makes its big-screen movie debut in The Force Awakens in December.

The Sphero BB-8 is just one of a plethora of toys released this weekend as Disney tries to cash in on the enduring popularity of the Star Wars franchise: you can pick up replica lightsabers, kids' costumes, Lego sets, drones and more besides at your local toy store.